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Sykes in 2013

Oliver Scott Sykes (born 20 November 1986) is an English musician best known for being the lead vocalist, keyboardist, programmer and occasional guitarist of the rock/metalcore band Bring Me the Horizon.

Early lifeEdit

Sykes was born 20 November 1986 in Ashford, Kent, England. As a baby, he moved to Australia with his parents, Ian and Carol Sykes, moving between Adelaide and Perth during a period of about six years. The family returned to the United Kingdom when Sykes was about eight, settling in Stocksbridge in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. As a teenager, he attended Stocksbridge High School.

In 2003, while still in school, he began crafting compilation CDs and short tracks under the name Quakebeat. He also played in the mock hip-hop band "Womb 2 Da Tomb" with his brother Tom Sykes and fellow Bring Me the Horizon member Matt Nicholls, and in metal band "Purple Curto" with Neil Whiteley, as the drummer/vocalist under the pseudonym "Olisaurus", which he would later use when releasing solo material.


Raised By Raptors (2013-present)Edit

On 1 February 2013, Sykes launched a Kickstarter project to fund a graphic novel created by him and Drop Dead Clothing artist Ben Ashton-Bell, entitled Raised By Raptors. With a £15,000 goal, the project exceeded its target within weeks of launching, attaining a final total of £39,223.

Clothing lineEdit


Sykes founded DROP DEAD Clothing in 2003. He is the founder and owner of the clothing line.

Personal lifeEdit

Since the age of 12, Sykes has suffered from a form of night terrors known as Sleep Paralysis, which is the inability to move during sleep.

Sykes became a vegetarian in 2003 after watching a documentary about animal cruelty online, "When I saw how animals are tortured on factory farms, I couldn't justify being a part of that cruelty." He went on to become one of the faces for PETA, eventually designing charity T-shirts with the slogan "Meat Sucks" via his Drop Dead clothing line. He later became a vegan in 2013. Sykes has been quoted as saying he is an atheist, "I don't believe in God. I was asked to believe in him when I was in a shitty place. I couldn't understand why I needed a god or, in my opinion, something that doesn't exist." In an interview with in 2013, he also stated "in my opinion, I don’t think believing in God is a victimless crime. It's not that I’m right and everyone else is wrong. If it was just people believing in God had no effect on the world, then it wouldn’t matter. Then you can believe in what you want, if you want an imaginary friend that lives in the clouds that's fine. But it's the fact that it does have an effect on other people and other things and the whole world is in turmoil mainly because of religion, at least a massive part of it." After receiving the Album of the Year award at the first Alternative Press Music Awards in 2014, Sykes revealed a history of addiction and abuse of the drug Ketamine. Addressing the crowd, he said "My band wanted to kill me, my parents wanted to kill me, my fucking brother wanted to kill me," and also admitted, "I went to rehab for a month, and you guys were sending me texts and e-mails. When I got out of that rehab, I didn't want to scream anymore, I wanted to sing from the fucking rooftops.

On 12 July 2015 in Tuscany, Italy, Sykes married model and tattoo artist Hannah Pixie Snowdon. In 2016, Sykes announced that he and Snowdon had separated.

Side projects and music collaborations and other songs Edit

Death Visions (1998-2014) Edit

In 1998, Sykes formed a band called "Death Visions" which consists of Oliver Sykes on vocals and rhythm guitar, Pierre Bouvier on vocals and bass, Mikey Way on bass guitar and vocals, Frank Iero and rhythm guitar and vocals, Sam Carter on vocals and rhythm guitar and Chuck Comeau on drums. The band has released 14 albums together: Suffer and Living (1999), Years of Us (2000), Put It Up (2001), Fuck the Haters (2002), Crazy Days (2003), DROP DEAD ALBUM (2004), My Feeling for My Hater (2005), Can't Stop (2007), Pump Us (2008), Happy Together (2009), Radios (2010), Terrible (2011), Your Worst Nightmare (2012) and Something That I Had (2014). The band broke up on March 2014.

Death Visions discography, songs and information and activism Edit


  • Suffer and Living (1999)
  • Years of Us (2000)
  • Put It Up (2001)
  • Fuck the Haters (2002)
  • Crazy Days (2003)
  • DROP DEAD ALBUM (2004)
  • My Feeling for My Hater (2005)
  • Can't Stop (2007)
  • Pump Us (2008)
  • Happy Together (2009)
  • Radios (2010)
  • Terrible (2011)
  • Your Worst Nightmare (2012)
  • Something That I Had (2014)


Videos with ArchitectsEdit

During a tour in 2008, Bring Me the Horizon and the British metalcore band Architects filmed two videos. The first showed a fight between Sykes and Architects' lead singer Sam Carter, while the second showed an ambulance with Sykes supposedly inside. The videos were uploaded to YouTube, leading to outrage from many Bring Me the Horizon fans which resulted in hate mail being sent to Carter. However, it was later revealed that the videos were a stunt staged by both bands, and that they are in fact good friends. Sykes said, "All-day events can get boring very fast so we conjured up the first idiotic thing we could think of and made it as unbelievable as possible."

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